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Dear parents and guardians,

We are taking a trip to Samae San island.

This trip costs 1,000 THB (Thai) and 1,300 THB (Foreigner)  for non-boarders and is payable by Wednesday at 10 am

Parents under 9 years old need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at an additional cost

Skills requirement

  1. Intermediate swimming skill.

  2. Cycling skill for cycling

Kit list

  1. Cap

  2. Backpack

  3. Sunscreen (if required)

  4. Umbrella (if required)

  5. Private snorkeling equipments (if required)

  6. Water bottle (provided by school)

  7. Lunch box  (provided by school)

Dress Code : Swimming suit or shorts to do water-activities.

For more information, contact Ms Tip at

+66 (0)2 158 9393 ext. 5206