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Nurturing the Whole Child and Promoting  Holistic Education through Tokkatsu

Dear parents and guardians, you are warmly invited to this seminar by Professor Ryoko Tsuneyoshi (Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo, Japan)

Discover the Japanese approach to nurturing the whole child and promoting holistic education from this talk by a leading professor of comparative education.

This event is specially organised for the parents and staff of Thonburi campus. 

Date: 6th September 2018 (Thursday)
Time: 15:00 to 15:45 
Venue: SISB Thonburi Campus, Multi-Purpose Hall 

Professor Ryoko Tsuneyoshi is a professor of comparative education at the Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo.  She was the head of the secondary school attached to the Department of Education (2016-2017), and the former Director for the Centre of Excellence in School Education (2013-2015). 

Professor Ryoko Tsuneyoshi earned her Ph.D. in Sociology from Princeton University. She conducts cross-cultural comparisons of schooling through fieldwork, and she has also written extensively on multicultural issues. Professor Ryoko Tsuneyoshi is on the Central Council of Education, which is the central policy-making committee (education) for the government. She was an executive board member of the Science Council of Japan, and on the executive committee of the Japan Educational Research Association.

Please sign up using the link below if you are interested to attend the seminar: