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ROTC - A Different Kind of Education

Enlisting for the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) is a familiar rite of passage for many students. This three-year stint, which includes theory and practical training, is usually done by students in Grade 10-12 (Matthayom 4 - Matthayom 6), including some of our Sixth Form students. 

Read about the ROTC experience of Sirasith Amornsirivat (Sugus) of Grade 12 Merlion.

“I am currently enrolled as a third-year ROTC student. Unlike previous years, when the focus was on the instilling of discipline and understanding basic commands, this year is leaning more towards theories on military subjects. 

A large portion of my time here is spent on studying theories in the classroom, including subjects such as first aid, simple section (squad) formations, and many others. In January, I will also be going for a five-day field training, which will be a vast change from all the theory lessons.  

ROTC training has given me a very different experience of education compared with what is done in school. However, now that I’m in my third year of ROTC, I am starting to notice small parallels between the two. The ROTC school has adopted a new style of “active learning”, where use of devices in the classroom, student participation and presentation are being introduced into the learning environment. 

I’m definitely looking forward to gaining more experiences from my ROTC adventure.”

Sirasith Amornsirivat has been studying in SISB since Nursery 1  and recently achieved stellar results in Cambridge AS Level examinations: Top In The World (Mathematics), Top In Thailand (Biology, Chemistry), and Best Across Four (First Place)