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Student Leaders Investiture 2019

On Sept 30,  SISB witnessed a group of 67 students being recognised as Student Leaders. This distinguished event was attended by Principal Sharon and the ever-supportive parents.

This academic year, the Student Development and Leadership Board aims to thrive towards being a leader, scholar and global citizen.

We are also thrilled to have Junior Prefects and House Captains on board. 

“What I intend to do for the student body team is to guide everyone to the right path. I know that if we all have support from one another our goals would be easily accomplished  without hesitation,”  said Xio Yoh, Head of Student Leaders. 

Having been a consistent and resilient member of the Student Leadership board for three years now, she will be working closely with members of the Student Council, which includes other longstanding members of the Student Leadership Board and House Captains.

The ceremony ended with Principal Sharon explaining the various levels of the Leadership Framework within the student population and inspiring other students to thrive towards being the best versions of themselves.