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Overseas Educational Programme - Vietnam (Grade 8) Day # 7

Our journey through this beautiful country has finally come to a close. 

Today, we travelled south of Ho Chi Minh City to the Mekong River Delta at the town of My Tho. Students had been learning about river deltas in geography class and were fortunate enough to experience one of the largest and most important ones first hand from the seat of a long tail boat and sampan. 

It was a very bittersweet feeling all day knowing it would be our last few moments and activities in the country. This trip was incredible. Lessons were learnt and memories were forged that will surely last a lifetime. 

As we say farewell to Vietnam, we reflect on the knowledge we have gained, not only of our ASEAN neighbour, but of ourselves as well. Until next time, tam biêt!!! (goodbye!!!) 

Photos assisted by Daryl Grade 8S

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