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Overseas Education Programme (Sixth Form)

From 1-9 Dec 2018, 22 SISB Sixth Form Students (Grade 10-12) experienced life in beautiful Australia 🛩🐨 (Sydney – Canberra) as part of their Overseas Educational Programme (OEP).

OEP is an integral part of the learning experience for SISB students:

✔️ It allows students to take part in activities that can clarify and enhance the activities which take place in the classroom, both socially and educational;

✔️ Provides new physical and mental challenges, giving students the opportunity to develop their independence, leadership skills and confidence;

✔️ Clarifies students' understanding of areas of the curriculum by showing the material studied in new real-life practical context;

✔️ Allows students to develop stronger relationship with fellow students and with staff through an enjoyable experience.

Our students discovered beautiful Architecture, Art History, Science and diverse ethnic culture. They also visited many Universities: University of Sydney, Australian National University and University of Canberra. Students carry out daily reflection on their learning and a video project as one of their tasks.