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Our Deserving Sixth Form Scholars

SISB is proud to present the first-ever academic and sports scholarships to our deserving Sixth Form students. 

Other students who have excelled in activities such as F1 In Schools competition were also presented certificates, in recognition of their achievements in SISB's holistic ways of learning. 

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Full list of scholarship recipients:

Academic scholarships
Grade 7: Anon Taulananda (Ty)
Grade 8: Daniel Fang, Feixue Luo (Anna)
Grade 9: Natthanun Tonprasert (Mimie)
Grade 10: Achiraya Taulananda (Mai), Kittima Li (Yao Yao)
Grade 12: Vichayasit Tantayapong (Kim), Asakarn Tavachalaaungkul (Eugene), Nichapat Pourpongpan (Pat), Sirasith Amornsirivat (Sugus), Taur Hung Liu (T.H.), Weinian Feng (Steven)

Sport scholarships
Grade 7: Teemapat Pateetin (Teem) - Golf
Grade 8: Zev Ke Zhi Ng - Badminton
Grade 9: Napasorn Tanthathoedtham (Chompoo) - Gymnastics
Grade 10: Arisa Tanthathoedtham (Fah) - Gymnastics, Lucksika Kiatthawornchai (Manna) - Gymnastics, Nitchisa Ritprakongchao (Eve) - Ice Skating