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NK Project-Based Learning Coffee Morning

Dear Parents, at SISB, we hope to nurture well-rounded students with the right skills to succeed in the 21st century. 

These skills include critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, technological skills, teamwork and creative thinking. As part of our mission, our NK team has been focusing on student-driven learning to empower students to be independent, responsible and resilient learners. This year, we are introducing Project-Based Learning into our curriculum as a new way to educate our students.

Project-Based Learning is not always simple to understand. It is
often confused with traditional projects where students all
produce the same work. Project-Based Learning (or PBL) is a
way for students to become active learners and for teachers to
become guides and facilitators. Successful PBL involves
thinking outside the classroom and getting people in our
community involved. In our community, other students, parents
and staff play an important role in your children's learning.

That is why the NK team would like to invite you to attend our
PBL Coffee Morning on Wednesday, January 9 at 0800 - 0900 at Black Box, Silpapirom Creative Arts & Media Centre. This session will provide parents with the opportunity to learn a bit more about what is going on inside the NK classrooms. You will learn how to support your child's learning and have the opportunity to pose questions to our NK PBL Coordinator and K1/K2 Level Heads.

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