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NK Parenting Masterclass: Phonics 101

Thank you, parents, for the great response at the NK Parenting Masterclass (Phonics 101) workshop today (March 21). Our parents learnt about phonics, its importance and why we teach it. They were also given ideas on how to teach their children at home. 

At SISB, we believe in providing our students with a quality, holistic education. Besides the time that our students spend in school, the hours at home are equally important as well. That's why we believe that parents play a crucial role in the education journey of their children, starting from Nursery-Kindergarten (NK). 

We want to let parents understand more about our school, and the objectives that we hope to achieve for our students. Through the workshops of the NK Parenting Masterclass, we will talk about topics of high interest and relevance for parents of children aged 2 to 6 years old. 

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