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N1 Project-Based Learning Exhibition: May 31, 2019

 "I like it a lot. It shows me what the children have studied in the class, what activities they have done and what they have learnt," said K. Daranee, parent of one of our N1 students, after she visited the N1 Project-Based Learning (PBL) exhibition on May 31, where students showcased their projects based on the importance of nature and concern for the environment. 

The exhibition displayed the projects whiched showed the students' ability to grow and care for plants. They explored nature through activities using natural materials. A mini Farmer’s market was created by the students and parents had the opportunity to taste produce grown by the students! 

K. Daranee added: "It is also good to have teachers there explaining to us as I saw pictures in the classroom application Seesaw and could connect them with the displays and explanations at the exhibition. I personally find it very relevant and useful for the students and I wish more parents could be there with their children at the PBL exhibition to appreciate their work and their learning."