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N1 Project-based Learning Exhibition

Today (21st Feb), N1 parents were invited to view their children's Project-Based Learning (PBL) Exhibition, based on the theme "My 5 senses", and our driving question was "What can you see/hear/feel/taste/smell?"

The children had the chance to explore their senses through creative activities and were put in scenarios that required them to think and question the world around them. This gave the students the opportunity to be open-minded. 

The entire N1 level worked together to create a barefoot sensory path. Students then went on to make their own instruments. All this was done with recycled materials collected at school and from the parents. Students learnt to be caring through these activities. The children became inquirers when they engaged in different science experiments such as the colour cabbage and the running rainbow. 

Communication was promoted by teaching students the vocabulary they needed to interact with all the activities throughout the PBL month. Students did not only learn about their senses, but they learnt how to be independent through decision making and collaborative through team activities. 

Project-Based Learning promotes both educational and social emotional development.