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International Math Challenge VII

17 countries, 50 schools, 180 teams and 600 students participated in this year's International Math Challenge VII co-organised by Pan-Asia International School  (PAIS)and King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology LadKrabang (KMITL) on 24 February 2018. 

4 teams consisting of 12 students were sent to represent SISB Primary Section. They did very well, and we are so proud of them. 

Here are the full results:

10 Gold Individual Awards of which 2 students were awarded Champion and 1st Runner-up individual awardees.

10 individual awardees:
Individual champion award: Sandee Chamenwat, Good
Individual 1st runner up: Chanidapa Pitchayasaowapak, Ham
Individual gold awardees:
Janista Lyn
Teetat Sirikantraporn, Tee
Pan at a Narintarangkool, August
Chai pat Ratchadaphisek, Pat
Tanakorn Sawetawan, Joe,
Dhanapanot Markchooe, Bugatti,
Nopparut Rukkha-anankul
Tivat Sivasontivat, Ken

2 Individual Silver awardees:
Adiluck Lertkomvat, Chainer
Silpakorn Tiyachate, Gino.

3 out of 4 teams made it in the final round.

They clinched Champion, 1st Runner-up and 3rd Runner-up in the final round.

Good, Jay, Tee

1st runner-up:
August, Pat, Joe

Honorable mention:
Ham, Ken, Gino