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LEP Buriram Day 4

On 29 Nov 2018, our Grade 7 students visited Nongsai School and had a wonderful time together with the lower grade students there.

First, there was a nice reception by the teachers. After that, our students met their counterparts whom they would be teaching. Some were a bit nervous and unsure about what to do, but within 10 to 15 minutes everyone was having fun and learning together!

Later, some students went out to play ball with their little charges, while others went to talk about different words in English.

Finally, it was the time that everyone had been waiting for: Our students handed over shoe boxes filled with surprises, toys, candy and stationary for the students of Nongsai School. In exchange, the Nongsai school teachers gave out beautiful Isaan silk scarves. Finally, there was the chance to hand over the supplies purchased with the proceeds of the SISB Care Bazaar held on 2 Nov 2018.

The next stop was the stadium of Buriram United, the reigning champions of the Thai Premier League, the top level of club football in Thailand. The students went through the Players’ Entrance onto the field, getting a feel of what it feels like to be a top-level athlete. There was also time to visit the locker room and the nearby souvenir shop.

In the evening, there was a barbeque dinner with a nice party atmosphere, followed by the lighting of the campfire. All four classes had prepared some nice entertainment with much music and dancing!