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LEP Buriram Day 3

What a morning our Grade 7 students had today (28 Nov) during their LEP in Buriram, as they encountered many challenges, but tackled them with gusto. 

As part of the activities, students had to climb a rope ladder to reach the terrifying zip line going across the lake. For some, this was a good chance to overcome their fear of heights - by daring to launch themselves away from the safety of the tower.

After this, they went back across the lake, using a swaying rope bridge. Some students went slowly but surely, while others went as fast as possible - often with the hilarious results of plunging into the lake! Everyone had their life-jackets on properly, of course.

Finally, students raced across the lake on floating rubber mattresses, to the sound of encouraging shouts from their fellow students ringing through the air. The expressions on their faces told the whole story!

All these activities were voluntary, and it was with proud hearts that the teachers looked on as all students challenged themselves to whatever level they felt comfortable with. This was truly a chance for them to test themselves!

Next stop was the Waterpark, where the students frolicked in the pool, enjoying the water slides and spraying water everywhere! 

In the afternoon, the students visited a wonderful themed flower park with many beautiful flowers. There was a prehistoric room with dinosaurs and ferns, an Egyptian room with mummies and cacti, an Isaan room with flower typical of the region, and many other interesting rooms to explore!

The students also had a photo-taking competition. Everyone participated with enthusiasm and the entries were a credit to our students’ skill and eye for detail.

In the evening, the students made the final preparations for their visit to the local Buriram school, where they will become teachers for the day.