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LEP Buriram Day 2 (afternoon)

Yesterday (27 Nov 2018) afternoon at the LEP in Buriram, our Grade 7 students tried their hand at creating beautiful umbrellas and fans in all the colours of the rainbow!

After that, the group were instructed on how to prepare cloth for dyeing batik. The cloth had to be folded first, then elastic bands had to be affixed onto the cloth in different places to achieve many interesting patterns. Just look at the wonderful results of our creative work!

The students also got the opportunity to create their own cute little potted plant to hang in their rooms back home.

Finally, later in the afternoon, preparations were made for our Corporate Social Responsibility effort tomorrow (29 Nov 2018), with a visit to a local school in Buriram to help teach English to the students there - Our students are really looking forward to becoming teachers for a day!