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Language Week - Chinese

SISB celebrated our yearly Chinese language day event on Tuesday, 26th February 2019.  The Chinese Department organized the event and students from all grade levels showcased their Chinese language competencies in various activities and songs. 

The event started off with an introduction video about Chinese characters, followed by two games. Students were divided into groups according to their grade levels. Parts of the characters were given to students and the students were expected to guess the words and writing it out on the board. Towards the advanced level, students were involved in a quick answer race by looking at photos to guess Chinese phrases. 

Bai Thyme, Grandae, Shi En, Gapp, Shuang Shuang, Thank, Jaguar, Minnie, Jeannie, Kanomjean and Keen from primary two, three and four performed a well-known Chinese song “Xue Mao Jiao (Say Meow Meow)” as a closing song. A great time was had by all. 

Throughout all the enjoyable activities, the students were encouraged and motivated to use Chinese in their daily basis. We are grateful to have everybody involved and for making this a memorable day.