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K2 Farm De Lek Field Trip

6th June 2018: Recently, all our K2 students had a big adventure at Farm De Lek! 

An hour's drive north of Bangkok, in Nakhon Nayok province, the farm is nestled among small rice farms and orchards. 

Upon our arrival, the children were given a safety briefing by Farm De Lek staff, before donning some farm boots and getting to work with preparing some food for the animals. 

The children mixed a vegetarian meal for the piglets, and then fed the ducks and chickens. They then collected some eggs from the hen house, with each child being able to take home two fresh farm eggs for their parents to cook! 

After feeding the rabbits and horses, the children washed their hands, and enjoyed a lesson in the garden about flowers and the amazing array of colours that Mother Nature has to offer. 

After lunch, the children enjoyed playtime in the garden, before a quick tractor ride, and then it was time to board the bus back to school. 

The K2 team would like to thank the Farm De Lek staff for their help, and also our parent volunteers who came along and assisted us during a very memorable trip.