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K2 STEM Fair and Market Day

Recently, our K2 Classes joined together for a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) Fair and Market Day. 

The event started with a "market" in which students had to purchase items they would need for their STEM projects. Students were provided with coins by the teachers, and they had to select the items from their shopping list. Thai-, Chinese- and English-speaking teachers were involved, so the students had to practise using all three languages during the market. 

Afterwards, the STEM Fair involved several different activities in all K2 classrooms. These included a Popcorn Challenge, making a Sprout House, constructing Nameboards, cooking Gingerbread and Toasted Sandwiches, and taking part in a Sink or Float Challenge. 

The students were engaged for the whole day, and we hope they gained some valuable hands-on skills in STEM, while also having fun and learning along the way!