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Let's get to work: Learning about occupations

25th May 2018: Last week, K2 students celebrated Occupations Day. All students dressed as their favourite occupation, including doctors, astronauts, pilots, soldiers, police officers, dancers, singers and many more. 

Several volunteer parents came to the classrooms for a morning session of discussions about careers, including a pilot, a lawyer, a civil engineer, a dentist and several chefs. 

After this session of learning, our students were paid a visit by the real-life SWAT Team, who impressed everyone with a display of the equipment and tactics used by these elite personnel. Students then had the chance to head outside and check out the SWAT van and a police truck, for photo opportunities. It was a fantastic morning for students and staff alike. 

We would like to thank the SWAT Team and all volunteer parents for their assistance in making it such a fun and educational morning for our K2 students.