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Getting to know us - Teacher Jonas

Primary School Mathematics teacher finds welcoming family in SISB and tells us his experience

After graduating from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Commerce, I went on to do my Diploma in Education with the National Institute of Education (Singapore). During my time with the Ministry of Education (Singapore), I taught Math and Science from Primary 3 to Primary 5. 

After that, I moved to the Singapore International School of Bangkok (SISB). I have been working with SISB for the past eight years. These eight years were filled with different but great experiences both personally and professionally. This, however, would not have been possible, had it not been for the people at SISB who opened up this opportunity for me to work in Bangkok. I made many friends who took really good care of me and made me feel like I was home.

1. What attracted you to work and live in Bangkok?
I was greatly attracted by the rich culture of Thailand. Working in Thailand puts me in a great position to explore all that Thailand has to offer. The vast number of temples, beaches, shopping malls, night markets, tasty Thai cuisine are all accessible in one country. The Thai people are also very welcoming and keen to meet and make foreign friends.

2. What do you enjoy about life in Bangkok?
Moving from a small country like Singapore to a large one like Thailand, it was definitely an eye-opener to be able to experience the rich culture, food and beautiful places in Thailand. I am very fortunate to have many sincere Thai friends who really took good care of me. Seeing Thailand through the lens of a Thai person is definitely authentic and it made me understand what makes Thailand so unique. I also have had the opportunity to travel around Thailand and experience awesome Thai food. There is nothing better than sitting at an old street stall enjoying a bowl of delicious noodles while surrounded by the city life of Bangkok.  It is like having a rustic feel with a modern appeal.

3. What made you decide to join SISB? 

I wanted to join a reputable Singapore school in Bangkok and was recommended by a friend to apply for SISB. After I did some research through the Internet and talked to some Thai friends, I realised that SISB is a leading provider of the Singapore curriculum in Thailand. This then made me decide to join the school.

4. What do you like about teaching in SISB?
Teaching in SISB gives me the opportunity to share with Thai students my knowledge and skills of the Singapore curriculum as well as the unique practices and customs of Singapore. SISB is like a welcoming family - always supportive and caring - and it makes staying and teaching in Thailand an enjoyable and fruitful experience.

5. What advice do you have for a teacher considering an overseas option?
Come with an open mind and open heart. Be ready to explore and experience what is so great about the country you are moving to.