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Fun With Play-Dough!

How can play-dough be used to develop your child? 👦👧

✔️ Limitless possibilities for children to create things. 
✔️ Help children develop creativity, fine motor skills and pre-writing skills.
✔️ This workshop lets you cook play-dough using ingredients provided by us. 
✔️ Suitable for parents with children up to six years old.


Date: 13th December 2018, Thursday

Time: 1300 to 1400 

Venue: N1 Grace classroom, N1 building (SISB Pracha Uthit campus)

Fee: Free* / 100 THB** / 200 THB*** 

Payment: Upon registration at venue (cash only)

Language: English

Limited to 20 participants.

*SISB parent / **Referred by SISB parent / **Public

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