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English Avengers - Speak English campaign

The Primary English Department came together last week to put together a rather marvel-lous campaign - English Avengers.

The whole aim behind this is to promote and instill good English-speaking habits around the campus.

The week ended with all the English teachers coming together - dressed as Avengers - and they put together segments to get students interacting in English.

As an ongoing effort, the English Department teachers have put in place two initiatives - Web of Words and Level Avengers.

Web of Words will include riddles, quiz and other interactive snippets.

Level Avengers will include a team of Mystery English Avengers who will reward students who see students reminding one another to speak English.

Students will then collate these stickers and the class with the most number of stickers will have a mystery prize awaiting them at the end of this term.

English Avengers, ascend!