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Dreams to Reality - Learning Festival

The Humanities and Creative Arts (Sixth Form) is holding its first Learning Festival on March 22 2019 at the front foyer of Silpapirom Creative Arts and Media Centre. 

The theme, "Dreams to Reality", marks the Department's attempt to showcase students' authentic work in all the six academic disciplines: Art, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, History and Music. The static display is for your viewing throughout the day. However, at 2.30pm, the music section opens with live band playing, singing and dancing. 

Come and spend Friday afternoon enjoying the various exhibits and learn about the lost city of Pompeii, the various farming methods, some of nature's catastrophies, what is problem-based learning and how it is different from project-based learning, the river island of Koh Kret, the world of colours in Art, how companies like Amazon grow, how businesses do their marketing and lots more...

It's our Learning Fest. Join us!