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Chiangmai Summer Camp 2019

Registration is now closed. Thank you for your strong support!

Our in-demand Summer camp is back! Last year we sold out spaces extremely quickly so be sure to book your place.

The SISB Chiangmai summer camp is packed with learning, inquiry, activities and fun! The ideal way for kids to have a meaningful summer in a safe and fun environment. 

Summer camp at SISB is tailored to ensure kids really enjoy the experience and really benefit form the lessons and experiences provided. We sell out seats very quickly every year, so reserve your spaces now!

Summer camp coding is back for Primary aged Children!  Our in-demand coding course is ideal for the next dot com Billionaires to learn their trade!

Join our Nursery playgroup and let your child explore their senses. They also learn to play and socialise with new friends. Games are tailored to key nursery skills like grip, coordination and understanding. The camp is also a lot of fun!