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Bambi Games Invitational Meet

On 1 Dec 2018, our young gymnasts (3-6 years old) participated in the Gymnastics Competition in Bambi Games Invitational meet 2018 held at Thai Canadian Club. Our students achieved wonderful results:

1. Rinyaphat Loywattana Srikrod (Rinya) K2 Smile: 4 Gold

2. Phimpichchan Chunnanoud (Pichcha) K1 Grace: 3 Gold, 1 Silver

3. Chutimon Chakarakul (Tam) K2 Smile: 4 Gold

4. Patcahrapat Sittiverakul (Yaya) K2 Hope: 4 Gold

5. Kanthapapha Chansangawong (Cheya) K2 Joy 4 Gold

6. Nahathai Dechsungworn (Alice) K2 Smile: 4 Gold

7. Jeda Jesdpiyawong (Jeda) K2 Hope: 3 Gold, 1 Silver

8. Janisda Jesdpiyawong (Janis) K1 Peace: 4 Gold

9. Jida Suvantharariang (Jida) K1 Love: 3 Gold, 1 Silver

10. Irada Imsuchart (Ivy) K2 Smile: 3 Gold, 1 Silvers

We look forward to more great performances from our young gymnasts!