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Asia Pacific Cup 2019

Congratulations to our students who achieved great results for the Asia Pacific Cup 2019 (International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament) held in Hong Kong from August 9-12, 2019.

Jojo Tawinun (Mulan): P2 Grace

  • Individual under 9
  • Mulan P2 Grace
  • 2nd place (Hoop)
  • 4th place  (FH) 
  • 2nd place (team)

Khanyapatch Lojanagosin (Ing Ing): P2 Grace 

  • Individual under 7
  • 1st place (FH)
  • 1st place (Ball)
  • 1st place Individual all around
  • 2nd place Team

Waradaluk Chaiyapattanaporn (Fahsai): P6 Love 

  • Individual pre junior
  • 1st place (Ribbon) 
  • 3rd place (Clubs)
  • 5th place Individual  all around 
  • 1st Group exercise 
  • 2nd Team

Lucksika Kiatthawornchai (Manna):  Grade 10 Picasso

  • Individual junior
  • 1st place (Clubs)
  • 1st place (Ribbon)
  • 1st place Individual all around 
  • 2nd place Team