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Imagine yourself sitting in a dark, quiet theatre, watching a drab, lifeless version of a clichéd production. You start to think back to many years ago, when you passed a banner that you saw while driving to the school. It was the banner for “The Phantom Of The Opera”, the latest drama production by our Secondary students.

“I’m too tired to go,” you said to yourself.

“It’s just students performing,” you argued.

“I’ve seen their past productions already,” whispered another thought.

The days passed, The Phantom Of The Opera was over, and life went on for you as usual.

Little did you know that you have just missed probably the best show that the Secondary students have ever performed.

Little did you know that the empty seats during the performance left an indelible mark on the minds of the teachers, staff and, most importantly, the students. A mark that may probably accompany them for the rest of their lives.

But you have the power to erase that mark, there is still time.

For the price of less than a meal at a fancy restaurant, you can come support our students and put a smile on their faces, students who have rehearsed and toiled endlessly to perform for you.

For the price of  a movie ticket to watch a soulless Hollywood film, why not use it to spend an unforgettable night with these students, a night you may remember many years later, saying with a smile on your face, “I was there,”

Don’t hesitate any longer, tickets are still available, so don’t leave opportunities for regret.

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