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On the 17th and 18th of March 2017, SISB Debate Society took part in the largest ever Bangkok regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup. This tournament was co-hosted by both NIST International School and SISB. The challenge consisted of 4 main categories, namely, the team debate, collaborative writing, scholar’s challenge and the scholar’s bowl.

The SISB Debate Society sent 3 teams to the tournament, 1 in the junior division and 2 in the senior division. The junior team comprised Nammon from Y8G, Amanda from Y8G and Julie from Y9M. The first senior division team was made up of Leila, Pundao and Alex from Y10M while the second team was made up of Sugus, Jenice and Judy, all of whom are also from Y10M. Our SISB scholars did well in all categories, and achieved various accolades for their efforts. Here are some of the things that the scholars have to say about their experience in the tournament:

“To my delight,our school qualified to attend the global round. I’m so elated and excited that no words can describe my feelings. I'm overjoyed that it's not over and that I get a chance to continue on this incredible and adventurous journey which is full of love, passion and excitement. I love everything about the World Scholar’s Cup, especially the alpacas. PWAAA!!!”

-Nammon, Y8 Griffin

“This was a great opportunity to share ideas, get new perspectives and gain experiences, as there was such a huge crowd of talented and bright individuals, with whom I share a passion for debating. Overall, the experience was quite enriching for me.”

-Pundao, Y10 Merlion

“It was a very unique experience. I got to spend time with my friends while competing with peers from other schools all over Thailand. Now that we've successfully qualified for the global round, I really look forward to participating in the event once again in a foreign city overseas for the upcoming global round.”

-Sugus, Y10 Merlion

“Although the Scholar's Bowl and Challenge were difficult, I am willing to take it as a learning experience to improve off of before the next round. I can't wait for what globals have for us next!”

-Leila, Y10 Merlion

All in all, our experience with the World Scholar’s Cup Bangkok Round this year has been an enriching one and we will continue to prepare our scholars as we look forward to the Global round in either Hanoi, Greece or Cape Town in the coming school term!


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