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SISB introduced the SISB Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-English Language Project in collaboration with Wat Praram 9 and Praram 9 Kanchanapisek School with a launch ceremony on 1st October 2016.

The SISB CSR-EL Project is an 18-week programme (divided into 3 modules of 6 weeks for each module) which aims to provide English lessons to the primary students from Praram 9 Kanchanapisek School to help them improve the fundamentals of reading, speaking and comprehension skills.

We have successfully completed Module 1 and are in the midst of Module 2. We would like to thank Teacher Rosemarie, Teacher Peng, Teacher Steve, Teacher Alexandra, Teacher Adam, Teacher Marcus, Teacher Emma, TAs, secondary students and parent volunteers who were involved in this module.

In Module 2, we have the assistance of Teacher Venetia, Teacher Alexandra, Teacher Leong, Teacher David Hadden, Teacher Maya, Teacher Shuang, Teacher Emma, Primary & Secondary students as well as parents.

We will be starting Module 3 on 22nd April 2017. Students who wish to volunteer as Student Assistants for the teachers, please give your names to your Vice-Principals. Parents who wish to make contributions such as beverages, biscuits, and others for break time for the students, please contact K. Judith at

Dates for Module 3 (8.30am to 12pm; Break time: 10am to 10.30am):

                      Sat      April 22,

                                  May 13, 20, 27,

                                  June 3, 17

                      Sun      April 23,

                                  May 14, 21, 28

                                  June 4, 18