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The Prefectorial Board has taken on a new initiative to give back to charity. In order to keep things fun and engaging for the student body, they held two Bake Sales where they sold scrumptious treats that appealed to the taste buds of their friends in school!

The Primary Four Prefects first kick-started the Bake Sale on 3rd November 2017 and the remaining Primary Five and Primary Six Prefects had theirs on 8th November 2017.

When asked what he enjoyed the most about the Bake Sale, Head Boy, Ming, replied: "I had the chance to explore an avenue that I never have before. Knowing that all the money we get from the Bake Sale goes to a charity also gave me more motivation to try my best!"

"I was exposed to a new challenge but knowing that my fellow Prefects were also there gave me all the support I needed! We acquired so many new skills such as display, promotional selling and financial literacy," shared Head Girl, Mild.

The Prefectorial Board, together with Teacher- in-Charge, T.Kavi, would like to express a big Thank You for all the support we have received from the management team, teachers, students and parents. This initiative was truly a success!

We would also like to thank T.David Waitzer who has supported this programme by overseeing logistics, and Counsellor Monisha for liaising with Phayathai Babies’ Home.

All funds collected will be donated to Phayathai Babies’ Home.