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US College Camp and SISB, together with the support of the Parent Support Team, are proud to present the US College Camp Sports Seminar. Help your child become a successful athlete by attending this seminar, where esteemed coaches and administrators from the United States and Thailand will be sharing valuable information to guide your child towards the path of sporting glory.


Seminar details

Date: 7th November 2017 (Tuesday)

7:15-7:45am Registration

8:00-10:00am Seminar

Venue: SISB Performance Auditorium, CAMC

Click here to sign up (exclusive to parents of SISB students)


Session 1: How To Obtain A Sports Scholarship In US Colleges

Personnel from US College Camp, including Mr Cory Scoggin, former men’s golf coach for University of San Diego for 10 years, will be sharing with you how your child can get a sports scholarship and gain entry into prestigious universities in the United States.


Session 2:  How To Prepare Your Child To Become An Athlete

Mr Korakij Sermkijseree, Head Coach of Thailand Table Tennis National Team, will show you the ways that your child can take the first step into sports, and how he or she can reap the benefits of playing sports.


Detailed speakers’ profiles


US College Camp

1. Mr Thanakorn Duagamnee, Founder of US College Camp

2. Ms Wasana, USCC Camp Director

3. Ms Vimontip, USCC counsellor

4. Mr Cory Scoggin, former men’s golf coach for University of San Diego for 10 years and works with Top JR world ranking


Keynote Speaker

Mr Korakij Sermkijseree

  • Head Coach of Thailand Table Tennis National Team
  • Chairman of Thailand Table Tennis Coaches
  • Physical Fitness Expert, Sports Authority of Thailand