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“Human emotions are beautiful, it sparks a lot of creativity, and ingenuity. It can also be very absurd, and irrational, always creating sparks that either beautify or burn us. It’s relentless and out of control. But that’s what makes moments in our lives even more striking and unforgettable,” said Ing - Jarinthorn Jeungsmarn from Year 11 Merlion, one of the graduates during the ceremony on 30th June 2017.

Indeed, there were many unforgettable moments not just during the ceremony held at the Performance Auditorium of the SISB Creative Arts and Media Centre, but also many intimate stories in the years that our Year 11 and Year 13 graduates spent in SISB.

Ing’s elder brother, Arm - Punyathorn Jeungsmarn, from Year 13 Merlion, graduated as well, after being with the school since he was seven years old. In another two years, Art - Thanat Jeungsmarn from Year 9 Griffin, the youngest sibling, will have his day in the sun as well.

And how about Guan-Yi - Kornchai Kitikongnopakorn from Year 11 Merlion, who entered the school gates at the age of two but graduated from here as a bright young man. We are glad to have witnessed and played a part in our students’ growing years, and in helping them become better people.

Chief Executive Officer of SISB, Mr Kelvin Koh, said: “We believe in not just developing excellent students, but more importantly, we believe in developing outstanding and compassionate human beings. Human beings who will become leaders, human beings who will become crucial components of our society, and human beings who will contribute in great ways to this world that we live in.”

The future may still be an unknown to our third batch of graduates, but we strongly believe that they have the knowledge, skills and maturity to discover, experience, and overcome whatever may come.

Ing said it the best, in a message to her fellow graduates: “We are just travellers, trying to figure out where we belong, and we will keep venturing and travelling until we find it. I have no idea where that place will be for me, but I know it’s somewhere out there, and I hope that it’s beautiful.”