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Dramatic Turnaround For Warisara Chaowana  

Within a matter of months, the excitement of studying in a new environment had dissolved into bewilderment, and a sense of disbelief for Warisara Chaowana.

Back in 2016, the then-Grade 7 student, also known as Mamee, was used to finishing top in her class at her previous school. The malaise brought on by her lack of similar success  affected Mamee deeply. 

She had decided to give up. 

And she would have done so as well, if not for a timely piece of intervention by SISB’s leaders, whose words made Mamee realised her self-worth, and the quality that she undoubtedly still possessed. 

“I must not give up, no matter what; I must not let down the people who believe in me,” said Mamee, who was only 12 years old back then.

Armed with renewed motivation, Mamee recovered from her initial troubles with her results and improved by leaps and bounds through hard work and perseverance. 

At the June 2019 IGCSE examinations, she obtained stellar results from an internationally recognised benchmark and opened up many pathways for further education, including Glenalmond College in Scotland, which awarded Mamee a scholarship.

What a dramatic change of fortunes it has been, from troubled student to academic achiever, a turnaround that Mamee credits to her time in SISB.

“The environment in SISB made it very conducive for me to achieve good results. Students motivate one another, and teachers are ever so willing to go beyond what is required of them.”   

Besides academic opportunities, SISB’s focus on developing students holistically also played a part in Mamee’s growth as a multi-talented performer. She was part of the school choir and band, and she played the piano and violin as well, in addition to the countless occasions when she performed in school and external competitions. These experiences had helped Mamee to build a complete and balanced profile which undoubtedly made her stand out among her peers during her search for opportunities to study abroad.  

Mamee said: “I would like to thank the school for the wonderful opportunities, the teachers for their guidance, and my parents for their great support.”

We wish Mamee all the best for the many great adventures waiting for her in the future. 

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