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5th CSTD Thailand Dance Grand Prix 2018

Competition winners

1. Phuttiteela Vanichayangkuranont (Nana) , G 7 Archimedes
Won H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Royal Aggregate Solo Cup for the highest points winner of solo competition
  • 1st place - Classical solo 13yr
  • 1st place - Modern solo 13yr
  • 1st place - Classical Championship 15yr with perpetual trophy
  • 1st place - Repertoire 15yr
  • 3rd place - Lyrical solo 13yr
  • 2nd place - Modern Duo 13yr
  • 2nd place - Contemporary Duo 15yr
  • 1st place - Modern Ensemble 13yr
  • 3rd place - Contemporary Ensemble 15yr
  • 1st place - Classical troupe 15yr
  • 1st place - Contemporary troupe open age
  • 2nd place - Lyrical troupe 15yr
  • HM - Modern troupe 17yr
2.  Supattinee Peerachotiwatra (Proudy) P4 Love
  •  1st Place for All Style Troupe 13yr& Under (Modern)
  •  2nd Place - Modern Ensemble 13yr&Under 
  •  3rd Place - All Style Troupe 17yr&Under 
  •  HM - All Style Troupe 15yr&Under (Classical)
  •  HM - Modern Duo-Trio 11yr&Under
3.  Pimmada Pornsuwankun (Yuki) P4 Peace
  • 1st Place for All Style Troupe 13yr& Under (Modern)
  • 3rd Place - All Style Troupe 17yr&Under 
  • HM - Modern Duo-Trio 11yr&Under
4.  Pimchanok Pornsuwankun (Ice) P2 Peace 
  •  3rd Place - All Style Troupe 17 & Under 
5.  1st Place - All style Troupe 11yr & Under 
    5.1 Valunrus Sittiverakul  (Vava) P4 Love
    5.2 Waradaluk Chaiyapattanaporn (Fahsai) P4 Joy
    5.3 Jiratthaya Wongwanitthawee (Angie) P3 Faith
    5.4 Tanisara Khunasinpitiphon (TingTing)P3 Love
    5.5 Jirachaya Jirasevijinda (Jaya) P1 Joy 
Napasorn (Chompoo) Tanthathoedtham G7 Archimedes
  • 1st Place Classical Ballet solo 15&under
  • 1st Place Lyrical duo 17&under
  • Honorable Classical Ballet duo 15&under
Arisa (Fah) Tanthathoedtham G9 Beethoven
  • 1st Place Classical Ballet solo 17 & under
  • 1st Place Lyrical duo 17 & under
  • Honorable Modern jazz duo Open age