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15th Annual Diamond Crown Chinese Language Competition

The 15th Annual Diamond Crown Chinese Language Competition(第十五届“汉语桥-宝石王杯”国际汉语大赛) was held at Dhurakij Pundit University in Bangkok on 5th August 2018. More than 4,000 students from local and international schools in Thailand participated in this competition. 

Students had to answer questions related to Chinese language, culture and history. They were also tested on their writing and speaking abilities. 

A total of 65 primary students from Pracha Uthit campus joined this competition and they performed very well. Yilin from P3 Faith clinched the gold medal, Yang Yang form P2 Hope got the silver medal and Muzi from P2 Faith got the bronze medal in P1-3 Chinese Group. C from P5 Peace was awarded the bronze medal in P4-6 Non-Chinese group. Louise from P6 Joy was awarded 6th Place in P4-6 Non-Chinese group. 

From the participating group, 32 students were awarded top 100 certificates in P1-3 Non-Chinese group, and 8 students were awarded top 100 certificates in P4-6 Non-Chinese group. Well done, everyone!